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04-01-2012, 12:01 PM
OpenPLi-2.1-beta-dm800-20120103 by gjstroom


New image with SIM2 SSL84b and original 20111109 drivers.
I'm not sure if the new SSL and drivers are working 100%, the PLi team reverted back to 0902 drivers some weeks ago after some problems they experienced.
I made the new OpenWebif the default webinterface, now it has also streaming support !

This image is a 100% build image from OpenPLi source, it uses original 1109 drivers, which runs all plugins without patching.
You can use the update function, but if the PLi team switches to a new driver or ssl you may end up with a non functional box (which is an easy fix).
Check the PLi openembedded shortlog to be sure !
Keep in mind when you do a update, you might need to set the port of openwebif back to port 80 in the plugin menu.

source: 2012-01-03
drivers: 2011-11-09 original
bootloader: ssl84b
size:42.2 mb

standard bootlogo

cccam 2.3.0

Image flashing:
Be sure you have SSL84 on your box, if you get the "INVALID IMAGE (OR OLD VERSION)" error, flash SSL84 first and try again.
If your box is already at SSL84x you can flash the image immediately, the new SSL84b is included in the image !
Internet Explorer (recommended)


http://linuxsat-support.com/images/smilies/download_button.gif (http://www.multiupload.com/MQJ964K260)